Marzena Diakun

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  • Marzena Diakun pays it justice, we hold our breath, and we test the acoustics of the newly renovated auditorium… A long applause from the audience, and from the orchestra for the young assistant director. Marzena Diakun: remember the name!
    Alain Cochard, November 2015
  • Une merveille de prestation que le public ovationna!
    Le dauphine libere, 2016
  • Her musicality is exceptional and based upon solid scholarship paired with fine instinct. I would rate her at the very top five percentile of her profession.
    Richard Rosenberg
  • A superb interpretation, not attributed to the musical director ‘Mikko Franck’, not present for personal reasons, but due to his assistant director, the Polish conductor Marzena Diakun.
    Marc Vignal, November 2015
  • La musique de Schumann a été servie avec une précision, une élégance et une virtuosité presque diabolique.
    Hirson, 2015





17 XI 2018
Paris, France

E. Sikora Miniatures
F. Chopin Nocturne No. 20 C sharp Minor op. posthume
G. Bacewicz Violin Concerto No. 5
P. Tchaïkovski Symphony No. 3 « Polish »
Orchestre Pasdeloup

24 XI 2018
Koszalin, Poland

Jubilee of 60 years of Koszalin Music School
S. Moniuszko Mazur from opera "Straszny dwór"
S. Moniuszko "Ten zegar stary" from Opera "Straszny Dwór"
G. Rossini aria "La Calunnia"
G. Bacewicz Divertimento
H. Wieniawski Polonez in D Major
Łukasz Jakóbczyk - bas
Agata Szymczewska - violin
Koszalin School of Music Symphony Orchestra

07 XII 2018
Wrocław, Poland

E. Rautavaara Angels and Visitations
M. Ravel Piano Concerto in G
C. Franck Symphony in d
Helene Tysman - piano
NFM Wrocław Philharmonic Orchestra


  • 10 I 2017

    Marzena Diakun a reçu le prix "Paszport Polityki" dans la catégorie musique classique.

  • 15 X 2016

    Marzena Diakun has been recently decorated with the medal of the Order of Cultural Merit by the President and the Minister of Culture of Poland.

Marzena Diakun

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