Marzena Diakun

Opinions & Critics

  • One of the world’s best conductors of the young generation: Marzena Diakun.
    Elżbieta Krajewska, May 2015
  • A beautiful Polish woman, the hope of the world’s orchestral conducting.
    Polish Radio, Programm II, 2012
  • The wonder of performances awarded by public ovation.
    Le dauphine libere, 2016
  • Marzena Diakun pays it justice, we hold our breath, and we test the acoustics of the newly renovated auditorium… A long applause from the audience, and from the orchestra for the young assistant director. Marzena Diakun: remember the name!
    Alain Cochard, November 2015
  • Her sophistication, intelligence and musicality present in all her performances, made her a winner.
    Gramophone, January 2013
  • Her musicality is exceptional and based upon solid scholarship paired with fine instinct. I would rate her at the very top five percentile of her profession.
    Richard Rosenberg
  • A superb interpretation, not attributed to the musical director ‘Mikko Franck’, not present for personal reasons, but due to his assistant director, the Polish conductor Marzena Diakun.
    Marc Vignal, November 2015





25 VI 2017
Radziejowice, Poland

IX Jerzy Waldorff Festival
G. Rossini La Petite Messe Solennelle
Iwona Sobotka - soprano
Urszula Kryger - mezzesoprano
Tomasz Krzysica - tenor
Wojciech Gierlach - bass
Janusz Olejniczak - piano
Bartłomiej Kominek - piano
Michał Olszewski - organ
Choir of Lodz Philharmonic

28 VI 2017
Radziejowice, Poland

IX Jerzy Waldorff Festival
J. S. Bach Piano Concerto f minor BWV 1056
J. S. Bach Concerto for two pianos c minor BWV 1062
J. S Bach Concerto for three pianos C Major BWV 1064
J. S. Bach Concerto for four pianos a minor BWV 1065
Zuzanna Basińska, Elżbieta Karaś-Krasztel, Alicja Paleta-Bugaj, Maria Sterczyńska, Łukasz Byrdy, Janusz Olejniczak, Piotr Paleczny, Jerzy Sterczyński, Adam Tomaszewski, Tomasz Zając - piano
Orkiestra Filharmonii Świętokrzyskiej in Kielce

27 VIII 2017
La Chaise-Dieu, France

Festival la Chaise-Dieu
C. Debussy L'après-midi d'un Faune
E. Chausson Poème de l'amour et de la mer op. 19
E. Chausson Poème op. 25
C. Debussy La mer
Jennifer Gilbert - violin
Virginie Verrez - mezzosoprano
Orchestre National de Lyon


  • 10 I 2017

    During the award ceremony in Warsaw broadcasted by TVN television, Marzena Diakun got the prize "Paszport Polityki" in the category classical music.

  • 15 X 2016

    Marzena Diakun has been recently decorated with the medal of the Order of Cultural Merit by the President and the Minister of Culture of Poland.

Marzena Diakun

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